Taranto's Pizzeria
I've been working with a pizza restaurant on a contract basis for some time. Some of my responsibilities include a fully reconstructed menu created from scratch. I used only copy and images I was provided. The menus required a large amount of image augmentation in order to arrange the dishes in the most aesthetically pleasing formation possible, with a focus on balance to ensure a sophisticated visual identity.
In addition to reconstruction of their menu, I also create a wide array of marketing materials for the organization. This includes materials such as email signatures, promotional flyers and window clings. These are in plain view for all of the thousands of customers the restaurant hosts every year.
American Scientific
American Scientific is a science equipment wholesaler that offers a wide selection of products, some of which were designed by me. I created a chart that represents the solar spectrum, which was widely distributed to hundreds of classrooms throughout the United States.
One of my roles within the business is to create and maintain the product catalog(s). Because they carry such an extensive array of goods, it is critical that each and every item is meticulously organized. They are often broken into different product categories, and in some cases, separate catalogs. 
American Scientific focuses on B2B operations, so our primary customers are often resellers. To increase order volume and product visibility, the spreads I create within the catalogs focus on whitespace and hierarchy. This maintains legibility and organization.
I created a wide array of print materials for daily operations, as well as mass distribution to customers. These are distributed at events, or through the mail. Each piece appeals to the company's core branding values, which include limitations of font and color. 
Futura Extra Bold
Futura PT Book
Elza Black