I'm passionate about designing things I'm with subjects I'm interested in. Oftentimes, it's replicating design trends from previous eras of design. My favorite is certainly Art Deco, and I really love the visual aesthetics that designers from this era were able to achieve. Sometimes, I'll disregard visual style in favor of something I've come up with, even if the subject matter may still be reminiscent of the art deco era.
I make inographics that petrain to certain statistics or subjects that interest me as well. In this instance, I launched an investigation into the specialties of our nations largest design firms, and organized them in a small multiple arrangement. I used collected data to analyze which part of the brain each design firms primarily use.
One of my favorite art forms is illustration. I draw very often, and I try to branch out into different styles/media where available. Though I pride myself on my "cartoonish," illustration projects, I'll also challenge myself by creating digital paintings of things that interest me. In this instance, I drew one of my favorite artists Jeff Coons.
Below are some miscellaneous examples of illustrations I've created over time.
I've also written and illustrated many comic strips. These are often created off the cuff and related to personal feelings or events that occurred at the time
The most popular of my comics received 25.6 thousand upvotes and many awards on the platform Reddit. This post eventually appeared on the front page of the website for all to see.
More comics are shown below.
I designed numerous logos for both practice and for pay with local businesses throughout my area.