American Scientific

I’ve always been fascinated with animations and motion graphics. I’m lucky enough to use my skills professionally. I’ve taken on a very wide variety of motion graphics projects, both from scratch and preexisting graphics. To the left is an animation I created for the brand “American Scientific”s pre-existing logo.
I've created an array of social media animations that are featured heavily on our brands social media platforms. They are typically created in celebration of holidays or events.
I've created animation-based web-banners for American Scientific's landing page on their website. These reflect scientific events or promotions that are being offered at the time.
I also have experience working with 3D Graphics and animations created primarily using Blender. I've even designed products that would be sent into production. You can view this model and 3D animations I created in the video shown here.
Academic Works
Time Travel Jamboree
When possible, I combine my passions for Motion Graphics and Illustration. I was able to do so when designing the assets for a game “Time Travel Jamboree,” through WVU’s college of creative arts digital distribution program. The game won senior level game design champion, and was honored as such at the university.​​​​​​​
OnTour Comedy (2019-20)
I freelanced with a comedy-based record label called, “On Tour Comedy”. Through my boutique design firm, TC Design, LLC, we animated what would essentially be music videos to accompany the audio tracks. Above is a highlight reel of some of my favorite moments of the tracks.
Other Works (2018)
Even my oldest motion graphics, such as the one shown on the left are designed with painstaking attention to detail, and intent.